Important Notice

Important changes have just been announced regarding ground fires!

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Martial Activities

Whether it's the strength of heavy weapons, finesse of the rapier, love of all things equestrian or launching missiles through the air - War of the Wings embodies the skills and traditions of SCA Martial Combat. Fighters and missileries will find a variety of exciting scenarios and activities to give them their fill of time on the field. Spectators can look forward to the excitement and anticipation of large scale melee battles as well as individual competitions of combat and skill.

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Arts and Science

The Artist's Village is back and better than ever! Many new and exciting competitions are scheduled for this year, including our first ever science fair! Space will be available for artisans of all walks to gather and create memorable works. Classes and demonstrations abound throughout the day and performance arts will run well into the night. Celebrate with us the diversity of the community of artisans that call Atlantia home while observing and discussing period techniques, practices and knowledge.

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Special Events

Special activities are planned throughout War of the Wings as event staff strive to make this the most memorable event in our ten year anniversary. Charitable giving will be ongoing through the event, Baron Marc will be running a bloom iron smelt, i Firenzi' seeks to dazzle with their "Medieval Vaudeville" stylings, the masked ball and welcome socials will be held and much, much more!

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War of the Wings X

For ten years, October has brought war to the southern lands of Atlantia. Always a conflict among friends, War of the Wings has resolved important disputes and ... um … delicate situations, but most importantly, it has brought much joy and friendship to our fair Kingdom and Her friends.

The gates will open at noon on Wed. Oct. 14 and close at noon on Sun. Oct 18th. Join us on the verdant fields of beautiful Elchenburg Castle as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of War of the Wings while helping to settle the matter of Perversely Pilfered Peeps and Gregariously Grappled Goats as the Baronies of Black Diamond and Highland Foorde air grievances against their sister Baronies of Hidden Mountain and Notinghill Coill.

The event boasts nearly every activity practiced in the SCA from Armored & Rapier Fighting to Artistic Competitions, Classes, and Displays. From Shopping to Period Science. From Horse Jousts to Archery Shoots, the Performing Arts to Heraldic Research. From May Poles to Fireside Friendships. War of the Wings X will truly have something for everyone!

What Are The War Points?

War points are calculated through participation in all facets of the event in order to determine which side wins the war. War points for War of the Wings X will be calculated from the following:

Arts and Science
The War Points for A&S will be decided by the winners of the Bardic Smack Down, Ransom Scroll and War Point Challenge competitions.

Archery & Thrown Weapons
War Point Competitions will run throughout the day Friday and Saturday on the ranges. Archery will have four different targets, shooting for speed and accuracy at varying distances. Thrown Weapons has the theme of throwing at your enemies.

Armored Combat
The Armored Point will be decided by a combination of Friday's Bridge/Mountain Pass battle and Saturday's field, capture the flag and woods battles.

The Mounted Joust Winner on Saturday will take the War Point.

Rapier Combat
Saturday’s rapier activities and the Inter-Baronial Champions Tourney win the War Point.

The Youth A&S, Archery, Thrown Weapons and Armored Combat Points will be combined to determine the Youth War Point. A tourney for each division and the field battle and capture the flag battle made up of Division 2 and 3 combatants will each count for one point.

Heraldic Procession
Groups will be judged on Appearance and Herald’s Skill in three categories: Best Branch, Best Household, & Best Animal Barding determine this Point

A Look Back


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Latest News

Special Activities

Welcome Social

Every year there is a Welcome Social hosted on Thursday evening in the castle. Come out to say hello to old friends, meet new friends, or just enjoy the company of your fellows!


Masked Ball

The theme for the ball this year is Monsters of the World. Masks intended for entry into various competitions should be based on a monster from a known world culture.


Viking Ship Burning

Saturday night at the pond, there will be a Viking Ship set alight to commemorate those who we've lost. If you wish to have a token placed on the ship, there is a small fee that goes to the event's charities.


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