War of the Wings XI: Baron vs Baroness

Anyone interested in being part of the staff and learning how to run various bits of an event, please contact the Staff.

SITE: Elchenburg Castle 2239 Center Road, Boonville, NC 27011. Site opens Wednesday 12pm, closes Sunday 3pm.

REGISTRATION: As always, land allotment is tied to Paid Pre-registration. For the sanity of our Gate and Land staff and of each group's Land Agents, pre-registration WILL CLOSE 14 Sept. Land will be allotted only to those who have paid or otherwise met all requirements of the pre-reg process. Calm and respectful Input on this matter and all others is welcomed.

SITE RESTRICTIONS: This is a wet site, modern laws concerning controlled substances and firearms apply. Violation is cause for being put off site. Pets are allowed Contained and Supervised at all times. Ground fires are allowed but must be tended while live and completely dowsed when left. All wood (partially burnt or unused, must be removed to the tree line when you strike camp. You are responsible for your own trash. Please put it in the dumpsters or take it with you when you leave. Sump and fire pits are allowed but must be filled in.

MERCHANT INFO: Merchants are considered a great boon to the event. We have a juried process. Please watch this space and the Web Site for details. Torches are lit for evening shopping. The Merchant Meander returns and the Merchants sponsor a Golf Cart for Mobility Assistance. It is coordinated with Security.Requests for assistance can be made to a any member of staff with a radio or at Info Point. If you have any ideas about activities you'd like to see at WoW XI, please share.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


A Look Back


Registration announcements will be made as soon as they become available.

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Special Activities

Welcome Social

Every year there is a Welcome Social hosted on Thursday evening in the castle. Come out to say hello to old friends, meet new friends, or just enjoy the company of your fellows!

Masked Ball

The theme for the ball this year is Monsters of the World. Masks intended for entry into various competitions should be based on a monster from a known world culture.

Viking Ship Burning

Saturday night at the pond, there will be a Viking Ship set alight to commemorate those who we've lost. If you wish to have a token placed on the ship, there is a small fee that goes to the event's charities.

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