Armored Combat - Thursday, October 19, 2016

On Thursday, The Company of St Augustine presents the third annual NO shield tournaments:

1:00pm Two-sword Tournament

2:00pm Great Sword Tournament

3:00pm Pole Weapon Tournament

4:00pm Spear Tournament

Each tournament is open to all armored combatants who are authorized in the designated weapons form. No shield tournaments are Round Robin format with a best of three rounds.

5:00pm 3 vs 3 Tournament

Armored Combat - Friday, October 20, 2016

9 a.m. MoL Opens

Armor inspections and authorizations

10 a.m. Novice Tournament

2yrs and under from first authorization, sponsored by House Serpent and Anvil

11 a.m. Black Belt Tournament

(Sponsored by House Tavernier)

12 p.m. Red Belt Tournament

(Sponsored by Clan Ebonwoulfe)

1 p.m. Iron Rose Tournament

(sponsored by Yorkshire Manor)

2 p.m. White Belt Tournament

(Sponsored by House Bessenyei)

4 p.m. The First Battle at Raven's Cove

This battle counts towards the heavy war points. Battle to be held on the main Battlefield.

5 p.m. 5 vs 5 Team Tournament

Armored Combat - Saturday, October 21, 2016

Start times are tentative and more information will be coming soon

The Battle for the Ponte Alto

The Raids at Tir-y-Don

The Siege at Brockore Abbey

The Warlords War