A&S Competitions and Displays

Competitions will occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Documentation is strongly suggested. There is an EZ-Doc format for your convenience if you need a starting point. Please bring all entries to the Artists’ Village’s Competition Pavilion between 10:00 and 12:00 during the day of the competition. All entries must be collected no later than 4:00 the afternoon of the competition. Our Artists’ Village is open to the populace and we will not be able to secure any entries left in the competition space after 4:00 pm.

If you are interested in sponsoring a competition, please contact Lady Annora about current opportunities.

War Point: Procession

Saturday, October 21
Contact Lord Christoph Gir for more information

Are you plotting shenanigans and have a silver tongue? Would you like a chance to spar (with words) before the battle begins? If so dust off your Chaucer, hitch up your horse and come to the processional! The war point this year will be based on which side has the best Chaucer (look to “A Knight’s Tale” for inspiration). Groups can team up and have one Chaucer if they like but the point will always go to whichever side they align themselves with. There is a facebook group you can join to keep up on all the fun! So join us and we promise the trudging will all be worth it!

Coordinated by Lady Amye Barrington (Processional Pushme), Lady Clare inghean Ruaidhri (Processional Pullyu) and Lord Christopher Gir (Processional Anchor)

War Point: Heraldic Display

Friday & Saturday, October 20-21
Contact Mistress Gisela vom Kreuzbach for more information

Who doesn’t love heraldry! The colors. The design. The pomp.. The STUFF!!!

This will be a three part competition. Something for everyone!! The side who take the best out of three gets the Heraldic War Point.

Part 1: Camp Heraldic Display
Bring out your banners, your sheet walls, your chairs, your common tent display. Your gate.. Bling it out in heraldy.. Wow the judges with how much you love to show off and leave the rest of us in awe.. (We will have a sign in at gate, for those interested in participating, as well as a sign to hang at your gate area for the judges to be better able to find you)
Judging of camps will take place Friday evening.

Part 2) Processional Heraldic Display
Be the group who brings out the heraldry, the visual pomp, the "WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT!"
Judging will be for heraldic display, only, and will take place during procession. Make sure to declare your side loud and clear, so that the point goes to the right side.

Part 3) Static Heraldic Display
Have you made a beautiful heraldic Box? A Coronet? A piece of garb? A shield? Hey, can you bake a cake and decorate it in a heraldic style? Have you embroidered your heraldry on something? Have you carved your heraldry into your feast gear? If you can put heraldry on it, it is welcome in this competition. Declare your side at sign-in. The side with the most combined points wins the Static display point.

War Point: Travelling Bardic

Saturday, October 21
Contact Cenique for more information

Details and criteria will be posted within the coming days.

Arts & Science Displays

Thursday, October 19

Bring your complete and in-process work of art or science to a friendly no-judging zone in the competition area on Thursday. Displays should be limited to 1/3 of a table (roughly a 3 X 2.5 foot area). Populace will be invited to peruse your displays so get your friends to come by and support your work.

Cooks Guild Challenge

Friday and Saturday, October 20-21
Sponsored by The Cooks Guild of Sacred Stone

The Cooks Guild of Sacred Stone challenge all to a competition of medieval food. Bring your knowledge of period recipes and accept our challenge to create a worthy dish at WOW in 4 hours. We will provide you 5 ingredients, you can add two more of your choosing plus any herbs or spices found in our Known world. Contestants will return 4 hours later (or less) with a dish for judging. Entries will be judged on presentation, taste, and documentation (EZ doc is fine). Please include an ingredient list with your entry so we can match judges appropriately. We will sponsor one contest each day (Friday and Saturday). Fire space is available to first come, first serve in the Guild kitchen in the A&S area or you can create your entry in your individual camp. Sign-ups for this competition are recommended so we will know how many kits to build.

Period Leather Work

Friday, October 20

Hard arts enthusiasts are encouraged to bring out their best examples of period leather work for all of the populace to marvel at. Entries are open to all cultures and times within period, with emphasis toward demonstrating the differences between modern and period craftsmanship. At least minimal documentation is required to participate as we strive to teach the populace about the intricacies of leather working in the middle ages.

Sponsored by Lord Ihone Munro

Bling from the Sea

Friday, October 20

Bring your best works that are inspired by the sea. Whether it's jewelry and accessories that may have been found aboard a ship or on her Captain or works made utilizing natural materials that come from the sea, we long to see your creations!

Sponsored by The Corsairium

Period Science Fair

Saturday, October 21
Sponsored by Lord Cameron de Grey

Lord Cameron de Grey is sponsoring our Third Annual Medieval Science Fair. What was cutting edge in your time of research? What science-y geeky thing caught your imagination? Bring your entries to the Competition Pavilion and let the amazement begin. Documentation is requested for this competition. There will be youth and adult categories for this competitions. Prizes will be awarded at 4:00 pm on Saturday, Oct. 21st.
Click here to sign up!

The Arts and Science of Archery

Saturday, October 21
Sponsored by The Honorable Company of Grimmsfield

The Honorable Company of Grimmsfield will sponsor an archery themed A&S competition at War of the Wings entitled Archery and War. This competition will have both a youth and an adult winner, and is open to all art and science forms, arrow making, leather work, your best Archery & War poem, illumination, target artwork, arrow points, garb, etc. Points will be awarded for authenticity & documentation but also for creativity. The prizes will be $25.00 Gift Certificates to Three Rivers Archery.

Equestrian Competition

Saturday, October 21
Sponsored by Coeur de Lyon

Equestrians, or anyone who can appreciate the beauty of our mounts - we challenge you to celebrate our passion with the arts. Best use of horses in original poetry, song, story, or Illumination in Order of the Quintaine scroll. Scroll assignments should be made through the Clerk Signet.

Atlantian Garb Challenge: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

Saturday, October 21
Sponsored by Lady Eilon bat Miriam

This year's theme is twofold:
1. Medieval interpretation of anything in the Potterverse or,
2. Creative use or interpretation of medieval creature art or mythological concepts from writings. You could try and make a historical representation of a creature that could have been used for theater or masquerade. You could simply decorate your houppelande in a most heraldic way to represent some of the crazy German heraldic beasts. Or, make your favorite mythological beast or related character that bested them come to life!
Bonus if you can blend the two.

Time Period
There is no limit to the time period or culture, as long it is within the scope of the SCA. Both men and women are encouraged to participate.

Category: Overall
The overall "winner" is the individual that is having obvious fun with the challenge: they made their own garb, the garb is period appropriate, and the garb is unique and creative in design.

Category: Most Unique
The individual that has the most unique and creative garb: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.

Category: Most Period
The individual that has the most period appropriate garb: they are not required to have made their garb themselves. Documentation is encouraged for this category but not required. Extra points are possible for documentation.

Category: Best Group/Couple
Two or more people who have the best garb combination: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.

Category: Most Congenial
The individual that had the most fun with it and shared their joy with everyone in a positive/infectious way: they are not required to have made their garb themselves.

Please direct your questions concerning these competitions or your interest to sponsor additional contests to the Competition Coordinator, Lady Annora. We will update this page as additional information becomes available.