A&S Competitions

Competitions will occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Documentation is strongly suggested. There is an EZ-Doc format for your convenience if you need a starting point. Please bring all entries to the Artists’ Village’s Competition Pavilion between 10:00 and 12:00 during the day of the competition. All entries must be collected no later than 4:00 the afternoon of the competition. Our Artists’ Village is open to the populace and we will not be able to secure any entries left in the competition space after 4:00 pm.

If you are interested in sponsoring a competition, please contact Lady Annora about current opportunities.

Period Leather Work

Friday, October 20

Hard arts enthusiasts are encouraged to bring out their best examples of period leather work for all of the populace to marvel at. Entries are open to all cultures and times within period, with emphasis toward demonstrating the differences between modern and period craftsmanship. At least minimal documentation is required to participate as we strive to teach the populace about the intricacies of leather working in the middle ages.

Sponsored by Lord Ihone Munro

Bling from the Sea

Saturday, October 21

Bring your best works that are inspired by the sea. Whether it's jewelry and accessories that may have been found aboard a ship or on her Captain or works made utilizing natural materials that come from the sea, we long to see your creations!

Sponsored by The Corsairium