War of the Wings upholds a long tradition of dance for both European and Middle Eastern cultures!  Dancers can enjoy a European Ball on both Friday and Saturday nights as well as a Hofla on both Friday and Saturday nights.  And this year, musicians can enjoy organized bands for creating music for all dance events!

Musicians wishing to participate in the European Pick Up Band, please click here for more details.

European Dance Play List

Set 1
Maltese Bransle (SCA version )
Sellengers Round
Official Bransle
Hearts Ease

Set 2
Montarde Bransle
Horse's Bransle
Petit Rose
Upon a Summers Day
Carolingian Pavane

Set 3
Washerwomans Bransle
War Bransle
Hole in the Wall
Petite Vriens

Set 4
Black Nag
Charlotte Bransle
Gathering Peascods
Rufty Tufty

Set 5
Black Alman
Jenny Pluck Pears
New Bo Peep

Set 6
Ly Bens
Hyde Park
Ballo del Fiore
Old Alman
New Alman
Lorayne Alman
New Year


European Dance Activities

European Dance Practice Ball
Dances will be taught and practiced in preparation for the Masked Ball on Saturday night. The same list of dances will be covered both nights.  Extra dances may be taught depending on the success of bribery to the Dance Mistress, Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland.  (Please see the Staff List link for her contact information.)

European Dance Masked Ball and Costume Contest
The theme for the ball this year is Monsters of the World. Masks intended for entry into various competitions should be based on a monster from a known world culture.


A Dessert and Drink Baronial Challenge is also being held in the castle in conjunction with the Masked Ball! The warring baronies will be divided into two teams, North and South. They will "Bring It" with their best desserts and most creative drinks and best decorations. The populace will be the judges as they nibble and taste and vote on the team who has the best and most creative offerings. That team will have bragging rights as the Best Dessert Cooks in these lands until next year.

European Dance Classes

Dances for Odd Numbers
“There are many period dances that didn't have partners, but sets of three or even five people! We will do some of these including New Year (England c.1500), Belfiore (Italy 1450), Petit Reins (Italy 1475), and some partnerless branles (France 1589). Steps will be taught, but this is not recommended as a beginner's first-ever dance class.

Middle Eastern Dance Activities

Musicians wishing to participate in the Middle Eastern Hofla Band, please attend rehearsals in the picnic shelter/Madrassa from 2:00-3:00 Thursday, 3:00-4:00 Friday, and 2:00-3:00 Saturday. See Mistress Azza for more details.

A Hofla is scheduled to begin at 8:00pm on Saturday night at the Madrassa. Please check the site program for any time or location changes.

Middle Eastern Dance Classes

Introduction to Basic Middle Eastern Dance
An introduction to basic posture and steps common to Middle Eastern/ Egyptian dance.

Tribal Improv with Sagat
Tribal Odyssey group improv combinations may be slow or fast, with finger cymbal patterns - but if you don't play cymbals no worries. Finger Cymbals optional! Learn this lead-and-follow format for fun duet or group dancing at Haflas. Tribal Odyssey is a very folkloric style and fits in well with reenactment aesthetics.

Bellydance Drills
This class will concentrate on shimmies and the arabic. Any level of student is welcome.