Current Land Agents

To reserve space for camping at War of the Wings, requests must be processed by your local Land Agent. If you do not indicate which group you intend to camp with, you will be assigned to the Open Camping area. If you are a Land Agent and you are not listed below or if your information is incorrect please contact the webminister.

Anglesey: Ursus of Anglesey
Barra, House of: Isabelle LaFar
Black Diamond, Barony of: Lady Wenllyan Goch
Blackspear: Aumalthia Foster
Casa del Especiero de la Cruz: John Hutchings
Castle Silverloc: Elizabeth Silverloc
Châteaux De Furneux: Dubhghall
Chez de Sable: Alys d'Avignon
Clan Roanwoulfe: Talorgren Hersir
Clockmakers Guild: Eadwyn Inhold
Corsairium: Brendan O'Caiside
Corvus, House of: Murienne L'aloiere
Darkspire, House of: Wulfstan Egweald
Derath, House of: William of Nunn
Die Nacht Kinder: Karen Young (Ky)
Equestrian Camp: Lord Von
Gilded Apple: Tailefhlaith
Great Dark Horde, The: Dame Hróðný Rǫgnvaldsdóttir
Grey, House of: Lorelei Greenleafe
Grey, Guild of: Rufus Barbarossa
Gyrfalcons Keep, House of: Lord Carrick Mac Manus
Harmony: Reyna the Dancer
Hawkwood, Barony of: Baroness Muriele
Hidden Mountain, Barony of: Baroness Asta
Highland Foorde: Gwyneth macDonagh
Honey Badger Tavern: Magdalena la Sanguigni
Hotel de Byram: Lofrikr (Brian Kelly)
Isenfir, Shire of: Alina de la Rose
Marinus, Barony of: Jael Grabow
Meridies, Populous of: Baron Thomas Paumer
Mountains Keep/Royal: William Thomas
Nottinghill Coill, Barony of: Kaete McDavid
Painted Wheel: Dulcinaya the 'Gypcian
Pandemonium, Household of the: Draven Archer
Ponte Alto, Barony of: Alric O'Connor
Port Bang-A-Rang: Elsy Salinas
Raven's Cove, Barony of: Baron Lochiainn
Roxbury Mill, Shire of: Clara Brauer
Sacred Stone, Barony of: Lady Syele
Salesberie Glen, Canton of: Beatrice von Staufen
Seareach, Shire of: William of Nunn (Temp)
Southwind: Ra'is O'Callaghan
Stierbach, Barony of: Allen of Wolfhou
Sylvan Glen: Margarita de Siena
Tapas Consortium: Estienne
Teach an Cu': Iul'iana Krasnia
Utgard Halls: Tyra Jonsdatter
Wandering Turnip Farmers: Trapon
White Crescent: Mistress Meadhbh
White Oak, House of: Nuala ingen Magnusa
Windmasters Hill, Barony of: Jack Stech
Woodlands: Tatiana
Yorkshire Manor: Christian Thomas