European Dance Pick-Up Band

Band Director:  Milady Reynse Kyferin

Rehearsals: Friday and Saturday from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm

Performances: Friday 7:00 - 10:00pm; Saturday 7:30 - 10:00pm

Click here for sheet music!   

Spotify play list of recordings of all tunes on Pennsic Pile
Note - there will be some variations between the arrangements in the Pennsic Pile and the recordings on Spotify. The recordings on Spotify are intended to give the musician an idea of how the tune sounds if they have not heard it before.

European Dance Play List

Set 1
Maltese Bransle (SCA version )
Sellengers Round
Official Bransle
Hearts Ease

Set 2
Montarde Bransle
Horse's Bransle
Petit Rose
Upon a Summers Day
Carolingian Pavane

Set 3
Washerwomans Bransle
War Bransle
Hole in the Wall
Petite Vriens

Set 4
Black Nag
Charlotte Bransle
Gathering Peascods
Rufty Tufty

Set 5
Black Alman
Jenny Pluck Pears
New Bo Peep

Set 6
Ly Bens
Hyde Park
Ballo del Fiore
Old Alman
New Alman
Lorayne Alman
New Year


This year the War of the Wings staff is using a new strategy for supporting dancers and musicians.  A new European Dance Pick-Up Band will be organized for the Friday and Saturday night balls.  Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland will still lead the dancing, but this year she is joined by the talented and skilled lady Reynse Kyferin.  Reynse is a professional music teacher and directs music ensembles as part of her modern day profession.  She has been playing in the SCA for almost 2 years in the Barony of Nottinghil Coil, and has graciously agreed to lead this new project.

Musicians are invited to enjoy a musical experience at War of the Wings by joining together to produce SCA dance music for the evening balls!  Under the direction of a skilled ensemble director, with sheet music tried and true from the Pennsic Pile, and a program organized by experienced dance band musicians, you will enjoy a fun connection with other SCA musicians and dancers here in the European Dance Pick-Up Band at WoW!  Sign up here!

Rehearsals:  The dance band will rehearse from 12:00 noon until 3:00pm on both Friday and Saturday. Musicians are requested to please participate in all hours of the rehearsal for the day you wish to perform, Friday and/or Saturday.  Musicians are welcome to play on one or both days. Musicians who play on Friday are encouraged and requested to stay and play for Saturday as well!

Performances:  The balls are scheduled for running from 7:00 - 10:00 on Friday and 7:30 - 10:00pm on Saturday.  These times include a “Children’s Ball” for the first half hour of each ball.

The European Dance Pick Up Band will use sheet music from the Pennsic Pile 44 available here for download

PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF COPYRIGHT!  The Pennsic Pile is a collection of pieces each with their own copyright statements and licenses.  As a collection, the Pennsic Pile may be printed and used for SCA events like War of the Wings.  To use the sheet music for other uses, the musician *MUST* consider the copyright statement on the third page of the Pennsic Pile document.  Any questions can be directed to either Lady Sophia the Orange or the Pennsic Pile creators.

This opportunity to bring together musicians and dancers can be a wonderful experience for all artists involved. The time invested in rehearsing and preparing during the day ensures a relaxed performance time in the evening.  Musicians are encouraged to monitor their own energy limits and communicate with the Band Director when breaks are needed. Given that this is the first attempt at running a project like this at War of the Wings, clear communication and feedback from everyone involved will be greatly appreciated.