Fundraising Opportunities

A tradition of helping others

Each year, War of the Wings brings opportunities to contribute to worthwhile charities in our community. This year is no different. For more information on how you can contribute, stop by the silent auction or inquire about additional opportunities at Information Point.


Paladin’s​ ​Pantry​ ​Competition​ ​and​ ​Food​ ​Drive!

Hark! The representatives of the Paladin's Pantry announce the Service Competition for War of the Wings! Show your support for your side! Boxes​ will be available​ ​at​ ​Troll​, labeled East and West. These will be set up for donations of unopened​ ​personal​ ​hygiene​ ​items​. These boxes will be weighed when​ ​Troll​ ​closes​ ​to determine the winner.

In addition to the completion, your generous donations of unopened shelf-stable food, paper products, and firewood at the end of War will be collected and donated to the Tri-County Ministries to support their crisis programs. Please look in your pantries for cans, boxes, paper products and bring them out. If you travel and have access to individual or larger tubes of toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, soap, etc. If you've been to the dentist recently and have extra toothbrushes. Please bring them to War, support your half of this war-torn kingdom and do​ ​good​ for the world of Mundania!

Please feel free to contact Lady Murin Dunn with questions.

Raffle and Silent Auction

Information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the beginning of War of the Wings. Please check back again at a later time for additional details.