Fundraising Opportunities

A tradition of helping others

Unto the Populace of Atlantia and all who read this missive, all Wishes for the Best Health and Gentle days from Meisterin Freiherrin Gisela vom Kreuzbach,

War of the Wings has always included a fundraising component and I am humbled to be coordinating Fundraising activities for WoW this year. It is always a difficult choice to decide where to send our charitable giving but we have supported several worthy organizations. This season we are pulled in so many directions... hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and refugees. We can become lost in the overwhelming sense of urgency for our brothers and sisters across the continent and around the world. These are all good causes and we must each make our own decisions to follow our hearts or beliefs in directing our giving.

At War of the Wings this year, however, rather than supporting a larger effort we will focus close to home and give directly to two families in Atlantia meeting the challenges of extreme health diagnoses, and the financial realities that come hand in hand with treatment and care, the McLamb family of Windmasters Hill and Charles Leroy Sonntag and Donna Williams of Sacred Stone. Cancer has limited the income for both families and expenses far exceed available resources. It is often said that the SCA is our tribe... Our family... It has always been so for me and I believe it is just and right that we care for and support these members of our family.

Since December I have been talking with various artisans and generous Atlantians Countess Brigit of Mercia, Mistress Etain of Sutherland, Mistress Maddalena Salutati, Lord Ihone Munro, Lord Ian Corbie and the list goes on... So many people from around the kingdom and they have graciously committed to providing items for Raffle and Silent Auction. I have spoken with the Rapier Marshals and there will be a Rapier Fundraiser Tourney. I am still seeking a champion to coordinate an Armored Torchlight Tourney. Baroness Brig of Nottinghill Coill is crafting prize scrolls for the tourneys. There will also be collection jars at Information Point and a few other spaces. Raffle tickets will be sold at the event.

Thank you for your continued support!
Meisterin Freiherrin Gisela vom Kreuzbach

To be legally clear, this is a raffle and fundraising effort sponsored and run by me, Kate Rauhauser-Smith known in the SCA as Gisela vom Kreuzbach, OP, as an individual. Not the event, the barony, or the SCA. This is how Fundraising at WoW is always done in order to satisfy various laws.

Paladin’s​ ​Pantry​ ​Competition​ ​and​ ​Food​ ​Drive!

Hark! The representatives of the Paladin's Pantry announce the Service Competition for War of the Wings! Show your support for your side! Boxes​ will be available​ ​at​ ​Troll​, labeled East and West. These will be set up for donations of unopened​ ​personal​ ​hygiene​ ​items​. These boxes will be weighed when​ ​Troll​ ​closes​ ​to determine the winner.

In addition to the completion, your generous donations of unopened shelf-stable food, paper products, and firewood at the end of War will be collected and donated to the Tri-County Ministries to support their crisis programs. Please look in your pantries for cans, boxes, paper products and bring them out. If you travel and have access to individual or larger tubes of toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, soap, etc. If you've been to the dentist recently and have extra toothbrushes. Please bring them to War, support your half of this war-torn kingdom and do​ ​good​ for the world of Mundania!

Please feel free to contact Lady Murin Dunn with questions.

Helping Our Tribe

Paul and Carol McLamb - Lord Artus Falconieri & Lady Richende de Bevilacqua

With two enlistments, Paul McLamb is a veteran of the Navy where he served as a corpsman and was in Desert Shield/Storm. He found the SCA in San Diego in 1983 and jumped into it four years later while stationed in Marinus. Though his deployments have cause he and Carol and their family to move and take time off from the SCA over the years, it’s also allowed them to participate in several branches. They’ve lived in Marinus, helped in the formation of the Shire of Seareach. Paul served as Knights Marshall and Herald in Windmasters Hill’s Canton of Kappellenberg (where they live) while Carol served as Chatelaine and MoA&S. They hosted A&S nights, taught classes and helped newcomers get started. They play primarily in the Canton of Buckston-on-Eno where he served, again, as Knights Marshall. Their boys have also been active and received awards over the years as they fought and worked in the SCA.

From Carol/Richende: “He was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer in Jan, during a trip to the ER for symptoms of septicemia. Since then he's had surgeries to create an ostomy and implant a port cath for his chemo He's currently on his third round of chemo, with a change of the chemo cocktail for round three, as they found the first medication was not providing an adequate response. Right now, as I understand it, the plan is to eventually remove the colon tumor and reverse the ostomy but we don't know when that will happen. The larger concern is the liver cancer, which is inoperable.”

Leroy Sonntag & Donna Williams – Lord Wolfgang von Trier & Lady Rois MacAden

Leroy, a self-employed IT consultant, came to the SCA some many years gone now, but first in the Outlands where he served as Chatelaine and Seneschal. His bardic skills won him much acclaim around fire and feast hall. A few years ago the siren song of a talented Atlantian artisan caught his ear. It wasn’t long before he left all behind and traded the Outlander stag for the graceful unicornate seahorse. He’s settled in the Canton of Crois Brigte with his lady love Donna Williams, an elementary school art teacher. They’ve both worked to support both canton and baronial activities and events as well as those of surrounding groups, especially in matters of A&S and newcomers. In 2015 he took on the office of canton Chatelaine, sharing his many years of experience in the Society with new folks and serving them diligently until persistent health concerns sent him for medical help several times with no satisfactory diagnosis.

In early April this year Donna drove him to Elkin Hospital yet again. He was sent on to Wake Forest Hospital in Winston Salem where a bone marrow biopsy confirmed Acute myeloid leukemia. Wolfgang spent much of April and May in hospital with the first rounds of chemo while also fighting pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He has been unable to work since as treatment, while life-saving, is often as rough physically as the illness it attacks. The American Cancer Society describes this cancer thus: “AML starts in the bone marrow (the soft inner part of certain bones, where new blood cells are made), but in most cases it quickly moves into the blood. It can sometimes spread to other parts of the body including the lymph nodes, liver, spleen, central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and testicles.”