Martial Activities

More fighting and fun than you can swing a stick at!

Martial activites at War of the Wings don't just mean heavy weapons and rapier fighting. What makes WoWX is the wide variety of combat related activity that is avaialbe to the populace. Archers, equestrians, thrown and siege weapon activity will be available for participation. For the fighters, we have many scenarios - not the least of which would be the popular woods battles!

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Available Activities

  • Armored Combat

    One of the most well-known and widely enjoyed activities in the SCA is armored combat. This year's battles will be extra exciting since we have four Baronies who are at war!

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  • Rapier Combat

    Rapier combat in the Society attempts to recreate styles of sword fighting from the later part of the Middle Ages, often based on manuals and theories of combat that have survived to this day. Rapier combat uses a foundation of style and finesse that has since evolved into the modern sport of fencing.

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  • Equestrian Activities

    Pomp, gallantry, and the perfect experience for a medieval atmosphere, War of the Wings continues to be a premier horse event!

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  • Archery

    On and off the field, War of the Wings has many planned shoots for our archers - including the ever popular night shoot!

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  • Thrown Weapons

    Whether you are a master at hurling weapons or have never even picked one up, all are welcome to come out and try as well as learn! If you have your own weapons you would like to throw, please feel free to bring them out! If you don't own any weapons, then we will have loaners available for use!

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  • Siege Weapons

    A siege engine is a medieval machine made to hurl heavy objects at distance in order to knock down defensive walls and inflict injury on the enemy. In the SCA we have even adapted these machines to be used during some of our fighting scenarios! Please come check out these marvels of medieval ingenuity!

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