Performing Arts

Performing arts at its finest

Performers and spectators alike will be able to revel in the Performing Arts at this year's War of the Wings. A non-stop feast for the senses is in store for all in attendance!

Classes throughout the day are offered to hone the Bard's skill and challenge the Bard's talents!

Saturday Night Ball Band

Hello, musicians! Remember how much fun the last War of the Wings Ball was? Come out and make more memories with us! All instruments and skill levels are welcome to play in the Saturday Night Ball Band. You may practice the tunes in the several Ball Band Practice classes, but they are not required. Please bring your own music stand and print out your copy of the music. If you need a printed copy, please email the Musician Herder, Mistress Azza al Shirazi.

Performances and Competitions


At this years WoW the will be a grand and epic Bardic Quest Friday evening in the Market Place. There will be 2 teams of 6 performers lead by Mistress Graciela Esperanza de Sevilla (West) and Master Johann von Solothurn ( East ). The challenges will be set along their journey by the muses they meet. Favor of these muses will come in the form of coin. As all performers must be paid. The team that gains the most coin for the War effort wins the Bardic War Point. Come out and support your team as the go on this adventure.


There will be a bardic circle hosted by Sir Jared the Potter. It will be held in the A&S village. All are welcome to come out and preform or listen.