Performing Arts

Performing arts at its finest

Performers and spectators alike will be able to revel in the Performing Arts at this year's War of the Wings. A non-stop feast for the senses is in store for all in attendance!

Classes throughout the day are offered to hone the Bard's skill and challenge the Bard's talents!


Mug Your Gate
Friday, October 14th and Saturday, October 15th, after hours

Drake the Bard and Aneleda Falconbridge of the East Kingdom have begun to popularize a tradition-to-be, that should an encampment welcome the wandering Bard, they shall put on the gate a decorated mug, such that the Bard will know that they are welcome. Those with mug'd gates shall bring traveling delights to their encampments, and encourage those special campfire nights that make the magic most real.
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Performances and Competitions

Dance Band Jam (ball practice)

Thursday, October 15th, 10am-12pm
Friday, October 14th, 10am-12pm
Friday night is the wild masked Pirate Ball. And where would a Pirate Ball be without a hearty jig? If you have instrument and the will to play it for dancing feet, come to the Dance Band Jam to rehearse music both stately and salacious! Then play Friday night for the most colorful characters to emerge in the night!

Improvisation Skills class

Friday, October 14th 12pm-1pm
You think that those with a ready wit and a quick tongue were born that way? Or could there be some rudimentary skills that you can learn? Maybe wit can be taught. At the very least, improvisation is a fun way to build performance and humor. Come take a class that can even help you IMMEDIATELY, as the skills you learn could help you win the Bardic Madness competition later in the day! Flex your quick wit muscles!

Bard of the People Competition

Friday, October 14th, 1pm-3pm
Champions abound at War, and the Bards bring their best. This competition will be in the style of an exhibition of talent, and will conclude with a populace vote. You must sway the crowds with your honeyed words, and a pretty face can't hurt. The Barony wishes that you bring your very best song, musical piece, theatrical monologue, story, performed poem, or magic act, period or inspired, to woo and wow those with the power to vote for YOU.

Bardic Madness by the Sea Challenge

Friday, October 14th, 3pm-4pm
So, a competition where you've had weeks to prepare is too easy? Planning ahead is too hard? Well, no worries! Bardic Madness shall make a mockery of the many hours invested in that seventeen stanza lyric poem. Bardic Madness is an extempore challenge for those of quick wit and good humor. See if you can meet the challenges put to you, and laugh along with the best of friends.

Who's Line Doth it be Anyway improv SHOW!

Friday, October 14th 4pm-5pm
Oh no! The Kingdom is in trouble! And you must save it with... your very best pair of riding pants! Or was it your best friend's horse? As seen at Pennsic, SCA 50 Year, and WoW, based on the modern TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, we will improvise scenes and characters with many theater improv training games. All comers are welcome to join as performers or audience members. Audience members will be needed for generating suggestions!

Friday Night Bardic Smackdown competition

Friday, October 14th 9pm-10pm
Battle of the Bards in the quest for one of the most contentious War Points of the whole event! This year's Bardic Smackdown will be a single elimination tourney. Each side shall build a team of four performers and some wild emcees to defend the honor of their side and decry the honor of the other side.Each performer should prepare three pieces of song, story, poetry, or other performing art, lasting no more than five minutes each. Keep it clever, focus on the war, and we want a good, clean fight! Register and make inquiries with Rebbah Thamira haSopheret.

I Firenzi Naughty Show

Friday, October 14th 9pm-10pm
As the evening wanes and the little ones high to bed, those with the spirit still in them will find a worthy evening experience of historically accurate period entertainment by i Firenzi, one of Atlantia’s own Commedia dell’ Arte troupes. This adults-only late night show will showcase some of the period humor normally cut from the family friendly shows regularly produced at other events. Audience members must be at least 18 years old OR bring a parent and get permission (after a full disclosure conversation) from the troupe director, Sophia the Orange. Attendees should prepare themselves for some partially naked actors, groping, sausages, and content inappropriate for polite company by modern standards. Documentation will be provided.

Intro to Commedia dell' Arte

Saturday, October 15 11am-12pm
Commedia dell’ Arte is 16th century, Italian, improvised comic theater. This class will introduce you to the elements that define commedia including stock characters, half face masks, common tropes, scenarios, and basic history. This class or its equivalent is a requirement for joining the Iron Commedia program for the rest of the day.

Iron Commedia Rehearsal

Saturday, October 15th, 12pm-4pm
Ever wanted to try performing in a play of 16th century commedia dell’ arte style? Here’s your chance! We gather whoever wants to play at high noon, write a scenario based on who wants to play which characters, rehearse for a few hours, then produce the play in the hour before court! If you don’t have a commedia troupe in your home town, this is the next best way to explore commedia!

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo with Lord Gawain de Barri

Saturday, October 15 TBD
This informal musical exploration is a chance to learn about many types of instruments, and get an idea of what they sound like. You will also have a chance to touch and even play things with strings, things with mallets, and things that move air.

Iron Commedia performance

Saturday, October 15 (one hour before court)
The Iron Commedia team that comes together at noon will perform a play in 16th century commedia dell’ arte style in the hour before court! Set up your chairs early for court and see what a group of talented actors can do to recreate period comic theater before your very eyes!

Spectacular! Spectacular! Soirée Spectacle
(War of the Wings 2016 Performance Expo)

Saturday, October 15 8pm-11(ish)pm
Atlantia is bursting with talent of all kinds. Please come and share your talent with us! A Grand Exhibition of the Performing Arts will take place at the WoW Performing Arts Pavilion. This exhibition is open to all manner of performances including but not limited to: songs, stories, poetry, sketches, instrumentals, dramatic readings, jokes, stand up philosophy, puppetry, juggling, impersonations, improv games, prestidigitation, stupid peer tricks and more. Seating may be limited. Please bring extra seating if you are able.
Interested performers are encouraged to pre-register for slots by 3 October by clicking here.
Any questions? Contact Master Efenwealt Wystle (aka Scott Vaughan)