Rapier Combat - Thursday, October 13, 2016

4 PM - Early Bird Poker Tourney

Format: Loser's Bearpit.

The loser of the fight will stay in, the winner goes off. A losing fighter stays in no longer than three loses at which point both the loser and the winner will step off the field. Every time a fighter comes off the field (winner or not) they will pick a card. Fighters can hold no more than seven cards in their hand. All five card hands built to win must be natural, meaning no two cards can be duplicates, as an example if you have two King of Clubs that does not count as a pair, there's only one King of Clubs in your hand. After enough time has passed, the marshal will call a hold and hands will be compared.

1:00 PM - Woods Battle Practice

In the heat of the afternoon we will retreat to practice various woods battles. If enough participants we will run team melees, combining and rotating out small teams for practice woods battles. Everyone likes woods battles, right? If all goes well we might try a Grand Melee in the woods!

4:00 PM - More Woods and Pickups.

Rapier Combat - Friday, October 14, 2016

10:00 AM - The Compleat Fencer

Three Round Robin Tourneys, Light Rapier followed by Heavy Rapier and ending with Cut and Thrust. The winner will be the fighter with the most wins combining all wins in all three tourneys. How diversified is your fighting?

12:00 PM - Dollars for Scholars Charity Tourney

This tournament to benefit charity will be set up as an Atlantian Speed Tourney. All participants will form two lines and face off against the person across from them.

An entry fee of one dollar gets you 3 lives to start. Additional donations of a dollar by a scholar or sponsor can buy a fighter's way back into the tournament.

2:00 PM - Bouquet Tourney

Double Elimination. Entrants must be fighting for a consort, preferably one who is present. On entry each participant is given two flowers (or a single flower depending on participation) that may be held at the MoL, by the consort or may be worn by fighter) After a fighter defeat they surrender their flower to the person who defeated them. At the end, the winner will have a bouquet to present to his or her consort.

4:00 PM - Woods War Point Melee

An hour long scenario with unlimited resurrection similar to last year's 'ribbon' melee. Focus will be on controlling points and one-upping opponents.

Rapier Combat - Saturday, October 15, 2016

11:00 AM - Turnip Farmer Melees

Pesky Wandering Turnip Farmers work as a third party against the armies of the Baron and Baroness.

1:00 PM - Blacksword Tourney

Bring your best form for the single elimination Blacksword tourney.

3:00 PM - Don Raphael's War of the Wings Round Robin Tourney

Tired of only getting 2 fights in a tourney? Tired of driving longer then you get to fight? Well this is the tourney for you. Raphael's Round Robin tourney where everyone gets to fight everyone else. In true round robin style, you will get to cross swords with everyone else in the tourney. You do not have to match weapons but you can do so if you want to. All bouts will be best of three. The winner of the tourney will get a spiffy looking scroll.