Event Costs

Pre-Registration is Now Closed.

Members at the Gate: Adults $20 each, Youth $12 each
Non-Members at the Gate: Adults $25 each, Youth $12 each

Family Max

For those not familiar with the “Family Max”, it is the maximum price a family will pay, regardless of the number that attend. The cap is equivalent to the cost of two adults and two youth ($20+$20+$12+$12=$64 for members and $25+$25+$12+$12=$74 for non-members).

Land Information

If you have questions about your campsite at War of the Wings, please contact your designated Land Agent. If you are new to the SCA and do not know who your local group is, please visit the SCA Newcomer Portal at welcome.sca.org. Your local group would love to have you join them in their encampment!

Current Registered Land Agents

Refund Policy Information

Minor Medical Authorization

If you are bringing children with you, and are not the child's legal parent or guardian, you MUST to complete the Minor Medical Authorization Form.
Please note that you must have this form signed and notarized in order to be allowed entrance through the gate.

Generator Policy

No generators will be allowed in main camping areas with the exception of those necessary for medical needs. Should someone find themselves in medical need of a generator, please contact the event Populace Deputy, Lady Keelan and the land agent for your camp to make arrangements. ALL generators, except those that fall under the medical need category, will need to be off by 10 p.m.

RV Camping

For those gentles that are interested in bringing a camper or RV to the event, there will be a limited, defined area for RV/camper parking. Beginning Monday, August 15th, Lord Vincenzo will be accepting requests for space. We will strive to accommodate as many as possible, however, please be aware that due to this limited space, we may not be able to accommodate all. Should there be any question or concerns about this policy, please contact the autocrat, Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland.