Activity Schedule

Wednesday, October 12

Main Site
12pmGate OpensElchenburg
12pm Arena Opens Equestrain Arena

Thursday, October 13

Armored Combat
1pm - 2pm2 Sword TourneyArmored Field
2pm - 3pmPole Arm TourneyArmored Field
3pm - 4pmGreat Sword TourneyArmored Field
3pm - 5pmAll Missile TourneySiege Field
4pm - 5pmSpear TourneyArmored Field
Rapier Combat
10am - 12pmRapier Melee PracticeRapier Field
1pm - 3pmWoods Battle PracticeWoods
4pm - 6pmEarly Bird TourneyRapier Field
Arts & Science
10am - 4pmBorn at War SignupsArtist's Village
10am - 12pmDance Band PracticeCastle/Courtyard
Archery & Thrown Weapons
9am - 4pmArchery Range OpenArchery Range
9am - 4pmThrown Range OpenThrown Range
10am - 12pm Royal Rounds/War Points ShootArchery Range
11am - 12pmChildren's ThrowThrown Range
2pm - 4pmWar Points ShootArchery Range
9am - 8pm Equestrian Arena OpenEquestrain Arena
Siege Weapons
3pm - 5pmAll Missile TourneySiege Field
Special Events & Sponsored Activities
8pm - 9pmWelcome SocialCastle/Courtyard
9pm - 10pmMini-HoflaHouse Barra Camp

Friday, October 14

Main Site
8am - 10pmGate OpenElchenburg
9am - 4pmHerald's Point OpenVingolf
9am - 4pmNewcomers Point OpenVingolf
9am - 4pmInformation Point OpenVingolf
Armored Combat
11am - 12pmNovice TourneyArmored Field
12pm - 1pmSquire TourneyArmored Field
1pm - 2pmKnights TourneyArmored Field
2pm - 3pmWoods BattleWoods
3pm - 4pm3x3 TourneyArmored Field
7pm - 9pmTorchlight TourneyMerchant's Square
Rapier Combat
10am - 12pmCompleat Fencer TourneyRapier Field
12pm - 2pmCharity TourneyRapier Field
2pm - 4pmBouquet TourneyMerchant's Square
4pm - 6pmWoods BattleWoods
Arts & Science
10am - 12pm Dance Band Practice Castle/Courtyard
10am - 4pmBorn at War SignupsArtist's Village
10am - 4pm Comp: Made of FireArtist's Village
1pm - 3pmComp: Bard of the PeopleArtist's Village
3pm - 4pmComp: Bardic Madness by
the Sea Challenge
Artist's Village
4pm-5pm Whose Line Doth it be
Anyway SHOW!
Performing Arts
9pm - 10pmBardic SmackdownMerchant's Square
Archery & Thrown Weapons
8am - 4pmArchery Range OpenArchery Range
8am - 9amWake Up ChallengeArchery Range
9am - 4pmThrown Range OpenThrown Range
9am - 10am InspectionsArchery Range
10am - 11pm War Points ShootArchery Range
11am - 12pm Royal Rounds ShootArchery Range
11am - 12pm Children's ThrowThrown Range
12pm - 12pm Youth ArcheryArchery Range
3pm - 4pm Children's ThrowThrown Range
8pm - 10pm Night ShootArchery Range
8pm - 10pm Night ThrowThrown Range
8am - 6pmEquestrian Arena OpenEquestrain Arena
9am - 10amChivalry 101Equestrain Arena
10am - 11am Authorizations Equestrain Arena
11am - 12pm Mounted DrillEquestrain Arena
1pm - 2pmMounted Joust ClassEquestrain Arena
2pm - 4pm Challenge of the WingsEquestrain Arena
5pm - 6pm Crested Combat ClassEquestrain Arena
6pm - 7pm Crested Combat Tournament Equestrain Arena
Siege Weapons
12pm - 1pmSiege 101Siege Field
1pm - 2pmAuthorizationSiege Field
4pm - 5pmTrebuchet BocceSiege Field
Youth Activities
10am - 11amBean Bags/Beaded NecklacesYouth Activities
11am - 12pmPainted Butterflies/HeraldryYouth Activities
1pm - 3pmMedieval GamesYouth Activities
Special Events & Sponsored Activities
7pm - 9pmChildren's BallCastle/Courtyard
8pm - 9pmSapor SecuiHouse Barra Camp
9pm - 11pmPirate BallCastle/Courtyard
9pm - 10pmi’Firenzi Naughty Show**Vingolf
9pm - 11pmMug Your GateSite Wide

Saturday, October 15

Main Site
8am - 2pmGate OpenElchenburg
10am - 4pmHerald's Point OpenVingolf
10am - 4pmNewcomers Point OpenVingolf
10am - 4pmInformation Point OpenVingolf
Armored Combat
11am - 12pmField BattleArmored Field
12pm - 2pmAllied Champions BattleArmored Field
2pm - 4pmMountain Pass BattleArmored Field
Rapier Combat
11am - 1pmTurnip Farmer MeleesRapier Field
1pm - 3pmBlacksword TourneyRapier Field
3pm - 4pmDon Raphael’s TourneyRapier Field
Arts & Science
10am - 4pm Comp: Born at WarArtist's Village
10am - 4pmComp: Period Science FairArtist's Village
10am - 4pmComp: Mind over MatterArtist's Village
10am - 4pmComp: Who Are You?Artist's Village
10am - 4pmComp: Mares and StallionsArtist's Village
10am - 4pmComp: Heroes and HeroinesArtist's Village
1pm - 2pmComp: Atlantian Garb ChallengeCastle/Courtyard
2pm - 3pmMusical Instrument Petting ZooCastle/Courtyard
3pm - 4pmIron Commedia PerformanceCastle/Courtyard
8pm - 11pmSpectacular! Spectacular!
Soirée Spectacle
Archery & Thrown Weapons
8am - 9amWake Up ChallengeArchery Range
10am - 4pmArchery Range OpenArchery Range
10am - 4pmThrown Range OpenThrown Range
10am - 12pmWar Points ShootArchery Range
12pm - 1pmRoyal Rounds ShootArchery Range
1pm - 2pmYouth ArcheryArchery Range
8am - 4pm Arena Open Equestrain Arena
9am - 10am Royal Meet & Greet/
Main Field
11:30am - 12pmGallery of HelmsEquestrain Arena
12:30pm - 2pmMounted JoustEquestrain Arena
2:pm - 4pm Von's Challenge Part 1  
Youth Combat
10am - 11amInspectionsMerchant's Square
1pm - 2pmYouth Divisional TourneysMerchant's Square
2pm - 3pmYouth Field BattleMerchant's Square
Youth Activities
10am - 11amPainting Trick or Treat BagsYouth Activities
10am - 11amPages Class: Embroidered
Youth Activities
11am - 12pmDragon Bags/Dragon ShootYouth Activities
1pm - 2pmHorse racesYouth Activities
1pm - 2pmPages Class: Painting with DirtYouth Activities
2pm - 3pmTrick or TreatYouth Activities
Special Events & Sponsored Activities
9am - 10amHeraldic Procession & CeremoniesMain Field
3pm - 4pmBrewer’s ConferenceHouse Barra Camp
4pm - 5pmAtlantian Royal CourtCastle/Courtyard
8pm - 9pmViking Ship BurningPond
8pm - 10pmHoflaRaven's Cove Camp
8pm - 11pmMug Your GateSite Wide

Sunday, October 16

Main Site
9am - 12pm Arena Open Equestrain Arena
10am- 12pm Von's Challenge Part 2 Equestrain Arena
12pm Site ClosesElchenburg
**Attendees under 18 years of age must get special permission from I’Firenzi to attend and be accompanied by a parent.

Class Schedule

Thursday, October 13
10am-11amSCA Garb on a DimeClass 1
10am-11amBasics of design and style of
16th century Landsknecht garb
Class 3
10am-12pmAtlantian Target Archery
Marshall 101
Archery Range
1pm-2:30pmAgriculture RoundtableClass 4
1pm-3pmThumb Ring Archery InstructionArchery Range
2:30-3:30pmFree- form Celtic KnotworkClass 4
Friday, October 14
9am-10:30amBeginner Gresley DancesClass 2
9:30-10:30amTwisted RopeClass 3
9:30-11:30amNo Sew GarbClass 5
10am-12pmCourt HeraldyClass 4
10:30am-12pmIntermediate Gresley DancesClass 2
11am-12pmMiddle Eastern dance class
Intro to Tribal Odyssey
Class 2
11am-12pmAstronomical Universe of the
Middle Ages
Class 3
11am-12pmRunning Children's ActivitiesClass 6
11am-12pmHow hard is your cheese?Cooking Solar
12pm-1pmImprovisation Skills ClassPerforming Arts
1pm-2pmAtesh Teaches Tribal
Improv Combinations
Class 1
1pm-2pmHeraldry: Function and DesignClass 4
1pm-2pmEventing with your kidsClass 6
1pm-2pmThumb Ring Archery InstructionArchery Range
1pm-2:30pm15th Century Italian DancesClass 2
1pm-3pmWire Wrap Jewelry ClassClass 5
1pm-3pmBard of the People CompetitionPerforming Arts
1:30-2:30pmCooking on and In EmbersCooking Solar
2pm-3pmBlackwork 101Class 6
2pm-4pmAcclimating to ArabicClass 1
2:30-3:30pmVoice Heraldry Made Easy:
Court to List
Class 4
2:30pm-4pmIntermediate English Country DancesClass 2
3pm-4pmA Celestial Soap OperaClass 3
3pm-4pmIllumination: Modern Materials and
Class 4
3pm-4pmBlackwork DesignClass 6
and other Mulled Drinks
Cooking Solar
3pm-4pmBardic Madness by the Sea
Performing Arts
Saturday, October 15
10am-12pmBeginning CalligraphyClass 3
10am-12pmSmall Backpack Basket Class 5
10am-12pmCounted Thread Embroidery
Techniques Workshop
Class 6
10am-12pmAtlantian Target Archery
Marshall 101
Archery Range
10:30am-12pmLeather ToolingClass 1
10:30-12pmResearching Anglo-Saxon and
other Pre-1000 Recipes
Cooking Solar
11am-12pmFree Form Celtic KnotworkClass 4
11am-12pmIntro to Commedia dell' ArtePerforming Arts
12pm-4pmIron CommediaPerforming Arts
1pm-2pmIntroduction to Period C&I
Class 3
1pm-2pmCourtesansClass 4
1pm-2pmMake and Take Drawn Thread
Class 6
1pm-2pmGerman Desserts: Translation
and redaction from Rumpolt
Cooking Solar
1pm-4pmSmall Backpack BasketClass 5
2pm-4pmMusical Instrument Petting ZooCastle / Courtyard
2pm-4pmDarn IT!Class 6
2:30-3:30pmIllumination: Modern Materials
and Techniques
Class 3

Solar Schedule

Thursday, October 13
9am-4pmCookingTent 1
9am-4pmBrewingTent 2
9am-4pmMusicTent 5
1pm-4pmLaceTent 3
1pm-4pmWeaving/SpinningTent 4
Friday, October 14
9am-4pmCookingTent 1
9am-4pmBrewingTent 2
9am-4pmIlluminationTent 3
9am-12pmWeaving/FiberTent 4
9am-4pmMusicTent 5
1pm-4pmLaceTent 4
Saturday, October 15
9am-4pmCookingTent 1
9am-4pmBrewingTent 2
9am-4pmIlluminationTent 3
9am-4pmLeatherTent 4
9am-4pmMusicTent 5

Please note that schedule items are subject to change as the event draws near.

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