Combat Archery

What is Combat Archery?

Combat archers bring a different dynamic to melee battles as they fire their arrows directly into the fray. While wearing heavy armor, combat archers are directly on the field working with their teams to achieve the objective of the scenario armed only with their bows or crossbows.

Siege Weapons

What are siege weapons?

A siege engine is a medieval machine made to hurl heavy objects at distance in order to knock down defensive walls and inflict injury on the enemy. In the SCA we have even adapted these machines to be used during some of our fighting scenarios! Please come check out these marvels of medieval ingenuity!

Friday Combat Archery & Siege Weapons Activities

  • 9am-MoL Opens

    Combat Archery Ammunition inspections and authorizations occur on the Main Field. For authorization material please review the Marshal Handbook and specific changes to Atlantian Law in Section 3.5.3..

  • 12pm - Siege inspections and authorizations
  • 1pm-2pm - Siege engine duels (Main Field)

    Engines will start 75 yards apart. After they each fire a shot, they will each move up 5 yards (65 yards apart), and fire again. This will be repeated at 55, 45, and 35 yards apart. Winner is whoever kills the other engine or crew first, or whoever has the most hits after the shot at 35 yards. There will be a limited time to move and fire at each distance.

  • 1pm-2pm - Combat Archery Tounaments (War Points, Main Field)

    We will be running the Iron Gauntlet (speed round 6.A.II.) of the Missile Weapon Tourney. This battle counts towards CA/Siege war points. Upon "Lay-On" being called a weapon will additionally be called, best of three kill per weapon type wins. See link for more details. Tourney points will be saved for people who wish to submit scores. Otherwise this is for fun. Tourney to run concurrently with Siege Tourney. (Combat Archery)

  • 2pm-3:30pm Mixed Combat Archery and Siege field activities (Main Field)

    Capture the flag scenario. Both combat archery and siege on one field playing capture the flag, what can possibly go wrong? Advance and capture the flag if you dare! (Combat Archery/Siege)

  • 4:30pm The First Battle at Raven's Cove (Main Field)

    This battle counts towards the Heavy War Points. A limited frontage 20-minute resurrection battle, at the end of 20-minutes it is a last man standing battle. (Combat Archery/Siege)

Saturday Combat Archery & Siege Weapons Activities

  • Armor and weapon inspections begin immediately after procession.
  • 10:30am The Battle for the Ponte Alto

    Two 20-minute bridge resurrection battles. (Combat Archers). One 5-minute last man standing bridge battle. (No combat archers)

  • 1pm The Siege at Brockore Abbey

    Two last man standing battles. Each side will occupy and defend the town. NO resurrection. (Combat Archers)

  • 2pm The Warlords War

    THE Field Battle, will you take the bridge? The mountain pass? Only Knights can "ride" across the water. This scenario will be done twice. One with a 20-Minute resurrection and the second without resurrection. (Combat Archers and Siege Engineers)