Special Events

Welcome Social

Every year there is a Welcome Social hosted on Thursday evening in the castle starting at 7:00pm. Come out to say hello to old friends, meet new friends, or just enjoy the company of your fellows!

Masked Ball

The theme this year is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Anything Potterverse goes! This is the same theme for the Atlantian Garb Challenge for those interested in participating in that as well.

Period Gaming

Come join the crew of The Flying Bones as they host their inaugural Pavillion of Games! There will be period board, dice and card games in the shade and games like bocce, kubb and more being enjoyed on their soft and manicured plot of sod. Gaming will be available daily from 1-5pm in the Artist's Village. Donations and lending of period games and toys are always welcome!

Heraldic Procession

Saturday Morning, at the intersection of King & Laurel Streets will begin the Grand Heraldic Procession! It is a fun and beautiful affair with pomp and ceremony abound.
To sign up your group for the Heraldic Procession, please click here.

Viking Ship Burning

After Saturday's court there will be a Viking Ship is set alight by the pond to commemorate those who we've lost. Proceeds from the ship burning are donated to charity.

White Crescent Costume Party

On Saturday night, White Crescent will be hosting a costume party at 9pm in The Flintstones Encampment. Come and join in the fun of the annual shennanigans!

Scribal Soiree

A Scribal Soiree will be hosted by Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne on Saturday at 3 pm at the Common Tent within the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill encampment. Please stop by for light refreshments and an opportunity to chat with scribes about scribal stuff. If you are new to the art, an old timer or simply wondering if Michel can make an amazing brownie, then please stop by!