War of the Wings XII Staff Directory

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Nikulai Ivanovich


Ultimate head and final decisionmaker of the event. Deputy to the Sacred Stone baronial seneschale for the duration of the event and planning of the event. Read More »



It is the job of the Marshals for each discipline to ensure the event is in compliance with Society, Kingdom, and Safety rules and practices... Read More »

Master Achbar ibn Ali

Marshal in Charge

Oversees, arranges for, and manages the staff dealing with all martialed activities, ensures a solid schedule is available and that the event is in compliance... Read More »




Malcolm MacRobert

Parking Steward

Often a member of Security this person patrols the parking areas, ensuring vehicle tags are visible, seeking owners of vehicles that are improperly parked... Read More »

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Lady Audrey Brant


Lord Egill Gullbjarnarson


Is the point of contact between Merchants and the Event, creates and manages application process, notifies applicants of decision on deadline schedule, determines the size and layout... Read More »


Magnus Chernyahimus

Keeper of the North Woods

Mistress Meadhbh the Handy

Mistress of the Garden


Cultural Affairs

Mistress Alianor atte Red Swanne

Deputy Event Steward, Cultural

Oversees, and manages the staff dealing with the Village, Classes, Performing Arts and other A&S activities and Social activities Read More »


Lady Annora Hall

A&S Classes and Competitions

Coordinates with other cultural activity staff members on resources, scheduling and staffing of activities in the Village. Creates content for website and any publications... Read More »



Herald - Procession

Coordinates with Their Excellencies, Their Majesties and any other principals of the War to ensure everyone agrees on time, length and schtick... Read More »


Lord Cian mac Ceallacháin Uí Dubhlaich

Herald - Court



Welcome Social

Coordinates with the Cultural Affairs Deputy and other Welcome Social staff to schedule time, space, and resources for Welcome Social activities. Read More »

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Niccolina The Wanderer

Voice Herald

Coordinates Heralds that make announcements through the site.

Lady Seraphina Delfino

Herald Consult

Recruit staff to help clients seeking heraldic information, help with submissions and so on and create and publish a schedule... Read More »

Lady Elizabeth Sabine de Northumberland

Ball - Dancing

Coordinates with the Cultural Affairs Deputy and other Ball staff to schedule time, space, and resources for Ball activities. Read More »

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Lady Finnech inghean Labhrainn

Performing Arts

Coordinates Bardic and performing arts activities



Lord Draco




A member of the Chirurgeon’s Guild who coordinates first aid support as appropriate to Society rules... Read More »

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Kingdom Warlords

Syr Roussell Tavernier


WoW Warlords

Lord Eckehard Thurn

Armored - East

Councelled by Count Christoph Krieger

Lord Christian Thomas of York

Armored - West

Councelled by Count Dietrich von Stroheim

Mistress Michel Almond de Champagne

A&S - East

Lærimoðir Hrefna in rauða Þorgrimsdottir

A&S - West

Lady Marguerite De Lyon

Councelled by Master Dominyk Wolferam

Rapier - East

Lord Tassin Navetier

Councelled by Master Dante di Pietro

Rapier - West