The Next Generation of Fighters

War of the Wings is home to some of the most well rounded scenarios for youth combat in the kingdom. Up and coming youth fighters are able to participate in scenarios and battles that give them unique opportunities to experience large scale combat interactions that are not often available to them.

Youth Combat

Thursday, 3-4pm: Cannon Ball Brawl Tournament

Ahoy Youth Heavy Fighters attending War of the Wings! The Corsair Youth Ship The Sea Sprite cordially invites you to participate in a shipboard tournament of skill and agility! We provide the weapons and secondaries, you provide the fight. Do you have what it takes to be victorious fighting aboard ship?

Friday, 6pm: Sacred Stone Youth Combat Challenge

Their Excellencies of Sacred Stone have requested a torchlight/twilight tournament to celebrate the youth fighters of our Kingdom gathering in their Lands. A most excellent prize will be awarded to the tournament winner

Saturday, 12:15-1pm: Kings Champion Tournament

Saturday, 1:15-2:30pm: War Point Tournamet

Champion vs Champion East vs. West - This is a 60 minute tournament with 3 10 minute melees with 10 minute breaks in between.