Youth Combat

Information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the beginning of War of the Wings. Please check back again at a later time for additional details.

The Next Generation of Fighters

War of the Wings is home to some of the most well rounded scenarios for youth combat in the kingdom. Up and coming youth fighters are able to participate in scenarios and battles that give them unique opportunities to experience large scale combat interactions that are not often available to them.


  • Friday

    10AM Armor Inspection and practice/warmup/authorization

    11 AM - Bridge Battle melee: melee scenarios to clear the bridge!


    10:30 AM Authorization

    11:30 AM Break for lunch. Bring your lunch to the field if possible, break bread with your fellow fighters!

    12:30 PM War Point Melee: a tourney will decide the captains. Three 10 minute resurrection melee’s to decide the war point

    2PM Rise of the Phoenix – A double elimination tournament with a mystery prize!! (Sponsor Murienne and Simon of Sacred Stone)

    3PM Cannon Ball Brawl – Bring your cutlass and pick up a cannon ball as your secondary! Talk like a Pirate to taunt your opponents! Bonus cheering for fabulous dramatic deaths! Win some new rattan! (Sponsored Sea Sprite ship)